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Preliminary Young Scientists Conference Program

April 24, Tuesday
13:00-14:00 Registration of participants
14:00 Evening section
Official opening
Prof. Klim I. Churyumov,
AOKNU, Kyiv, Ukraine
The discovery of 65 extrasolar planets in Milky Way
Section "Astrophysics and Cosmology"
1. Zhdanov V., Salata S., Fedorova E.Effects of shear in astrometric microlensing
2. Tugay A.Galaxy distances data unification from RFGC and Mark-3 catalogues
3. Kaminskiy B. Chemical composition investigation IU Ori - the stras with algol-liked slackening
4. Marsakova V.Light curve changes in long periodic variables
5. Sidorova A., Kovalenko I.The Dominating Localized Spherical Structures in an Expanding Universe
6. Parnovsky S., Gaydamaka O. Effect of scalar fields on the properties of timelike singularities
April 25, Wednesday
10:00 Morning section
Yaroslav Pustovoy (the understudy of cosmonaut Kadeniuk)
National Space Agency
Section "Physics of comets and minor bodies"
Prof. Leonid M. Shul'man,
Main Astronomical Observatory, Kyiv, Ukraine
The surface of comet nucleus as object of cosmical missions
1. Borysenko S.Solar proton fluxes and variations of some spectral lines of comet halley
2. Ivanova A. Physical model of local activity centers in cometary nucleuses. A general approach
3. Boev A., Udaltsova N.About a new Io-Jupiter interactin mechanism
4. Minin O., Shtirberg L., Dmitrotca A., Neyachenko D. Modernization of Satellite Laser Ranging System Simeiz-1873
5. Andrienko Yu.The basic parameters calculation of the Mia disperse theory
14:00 Evening section
Section "Astrometry"
Prof. Leonid S. Piliugin,
Main Astronomical Observatory, Kyiv, Ukraine
1. Danil‘tsev A.The first version of Catalogue of Photographic Intermediate Reference Stars
2. Ivanova M.Positional MAC Observations
3. Kuznetzova Ju.The results of extensive object obsevations obtained with aid of the coude echelle spectrometer fed by the 2-m telescope at the Terskol observatory (Nothern Caucasus)
4. Stavitsky Z., Volvach A., Nesterov N., Nikitin P. Simeiz VLBI Station
5. Bogdanov A., Guziy S., Shlyapnikov A. The find of the optical candidates for GRB981220, GRB981226, GRB991014 and GRB000424
6. Dmytrotsa A.Comparing different numerical simulation methods on a some traditional celestial mechanics tasks
April 26, Thursday
10:00 Morning section
Section "Solar physics"
Dr. Vsevolod G.Lozitsky,
AOKNU, Kyiv, Ukraine
Solar activity in 23th cycle: regularities and surprises
1. Gordovsky M.The anomalous influence of magnetic field strength on FeI-emissions width
2. Lozitsky V., Lozitsky V.Small-scale magnetic field diagnostics in a solar 2N-flare
3. Brayko P.Propagation of the magnetic dynamo-waves according to the modern helioseismogical data
4. Kolomietz'D.G., Lozitsky V.Small-scale magnetic field inhomogeneity observed in a large sunspot and small solar flare using fei 6302.5 a line
5. Nedolyuk E.Solar activity influence on widths of annual circles of trees
6. Loboda V.Non Gauss Doppler profiles of spectral line with Maxwell destribution of velocities
14:00 Evening section
Section "Space physics"
Dr. Valeriy N. Kryvodubsky,
AOKNU, Kyiv, Ukraine
Newer Helioseismological Data on the Inner Rotation of the Sun
1. Gotynyan O.3D model of the AGW propagation before earthquake
2. Odzimek A.Ionospheric Alfven Resonance
3. Shakun L., Melikyants S. On the influence of a priopi model of the earth's atmosphere in the method of twilight atmosphere sounding
4. Tegza I.The pecularity of vertical profile of refraction index of air
5. Dzyubenko M., Reshetnyk V.The aurora phenomenon skewness near the sector boundary
6. Katinas I. The ozone destruction speed above Ukraine in 1979-2000
April 27, Friday
10:00 Morning section
Section "Space physics"
1. Anisimov I., Mishak A. Non-resonant transitional radioemission of the modulated electron stream on the 3d inhomogeneity of the anisotropic plasma
2. Kozak L.Influence of an earthquake onto upper atmosphere temperature
3. Nichiporuk T., Anisimov I. Transitional radiation of the modulated electron beam in the weakly inhomogeneous magnetized plasma
4. Dalin P., Zastenker G., Paularena K., Richardson J. The investigation of the in the solar wind structures inclination
5. Tyazhemov V., Kelnyk O. Spatial Selection of the Electron Bunch Transitional Radiation on the Plasma Concentration Jump
6. Anisimov I., Voronov I. Radioemission of the modulated electron beam in plasma with three-dimensional accidental inhomogeneities
7. Agapitov A., Verkhoglyadova O. 23 October 1996 vortex event in ground based magnetometer system data and INTERBALL-1 satellite observations

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