Conference program

9'th Open Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics

April 23-26, 2002

Conferences for young scientists are held traditionally at Kyiv Shevchenko University for many years. Recently they became open for participation of foreign students and young scientists. This was achieved through the efforts of Student Science Association and initiative students of Kiev Shevchenko University. The opportunity to invite more students to our Conference is very pleasant to us. The conference is supported by the Astronomy and Space Physics Dept.


Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine is very nice in spring. Kyiv is the oldest and most charming cities of Europe. Kyiv is known for its attractive parks and famous main boulevard, Khreshchatik street. The central area of the city lies on the hilly western bank of the Dnieper. There, buildings dating from the Middle Ages of the present stand near each other. Landmarks of Kyiv include St. Sophia's cathedral and The Golden Gate of Yaroslav the Wise, both completed in 1037. The Monastery of the Caves, which has a network of catacombs (underground buried tunnels), also dates from Middle Ages. The Mariinsky Palace and the Church of St. Andrew, both built during the mid-1700's, are important examples of the architecture of that period. During the past years Kyiv regenerated. Main streets and squares were reconstructed and new attractive monuments were building. And now Kyiv is wonderful as never been!


Astrometry, astrophysics, radioastronomy, solar physics, physics of the near space, geophysics, plasma physics, cosmology.

Working languages:

English, Ukrainian, Russian, Bilingual (English & Ukrainian/Russian) transparencies and figures are strongly advised, specially if the presentation is in Ukrainian/Russian. English abstract is desirable.


The aim of the Open Young Scientists Conference is to provide young scientists and students the possibility to communicate and present their scientific work. The other important goal is to promote international collaboration among young scientists and students in astronomy and space physics.


YSC9, POBox 7, Kyiv-22, 03022 Ukraine
Phone: +(380) 44-266-44-57
Fax: +(380) 44-266-45-07

Organizing committee:

Tatiana Shumakova (chairman), Kyiv Shevchenko University
Nadia Mihalchuk (co-chairman), Kyiv Shevchenko University
Volodymyr Martiushov, Kyiv Shevchenko University
Oleg Gotynian, Kyiv Shevchenko University
Mykola Gordovskiy, Kyiv Shevchenko University
Anatoliy Tugay, Kyiv Shevchenko University
Volodymyr Reshetnyk, Kyiv Shevchenko University

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