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For participants from Ukraine:

Several personal grants (which can partially or fully cover conference costs) will be assigned by LOC for young participants from Ukraine. Preference will be given to students, based on information about their contribution provided in registration form. Selected persons will be informed within couple of days after the deadline (March 10, 2017). You can apply for the grant via email (ysc.kyiv_at_gmail.com), providing us the following information:

  • CV
  • The price of your train/bus ticket

Additionally we have 2-3 personal grants in amount of UAH 500 from prof. Viktor Khalack (Université de Moncton, Canada) for young scientists from Ukraine, who have reports in Stellar astrophysics field. You can apply for the grant via email (viktor.khalack@umoncton.ca and ysc.kyiv_at_gmail.com), providing us the following information:

  • abstract of the report
  • letter with explanation of necessity of the financial support
Last update: December 13 2017

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