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This year we are able to provide 2 personal grants in the amount of 2 000 UAH for Ukrainian scientists from Prof. Viktor Khalack (Université de Moncton, Canada). Mandatory conditions for obtaining the grant are the following:

  • Fellow scientist must have Ukrainian citizenship and work/study in other a city than Kyiv (excluding Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia).
  • Fellow scientist must have a report in the field of Stellar Astrophysics and publish his/her research in AASP (after participation in conference) mentioning the grant in the acknowledgement section.
  • Fellow scientist should provide an application for grant in Ukrainian with detailed explanation of the reasons why he/she should obtain it.
  • Fellow scientist should provide a recommendation letter in Ukrainian (from scientific advisor or other fellow scientist) which characterizes the candidate's research and achieved goals.

The application for a grant and all other documents must be sent in Ukrainian (!) to the e-mail address: viktor.khalack@umoncton.ca (with copy to the ysc.kyiv@gmail.com)

Deadline - April 10, 2018!

Last update: March 17 2018

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